My name is Enoch Heise. I’m 20 years old and was raised in the great State of Texas! Growing up in the country, I’ve always loved building and crafting different useful items. My first introduction to welding was as a member of a local 4-H group. Together, we built a large meat smoker and trailer which won a blue ribbon at the TX State Fair.

Shortly after that, I joined Scouting, where I earned the rank of Eagle Scout and taught the metalworking merit badge. I’m currently pursing entrepreneurship and helping to fill the need for quality, USA-made utility-art.

I believe the American heritage of the individual, independent craftsman is experiencing a great revival in today’s over-saturated, mass-produced market. As I’m trying to turn this hobby of mine into a real full-time business, I hope to share what I’m learning with others who dream of doing the same.

I would appreciate your help! All purchases, favorites, and shares help a lot.

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