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My Basic Grinder Set-Up

I wanted to share a few words about my simple  angle grinder set-up and a few things I’ve learned so far.

First off, here is the grinder I use. It’s a simple Hitachi angle grinder I picked up at Lowes:


I took off the side handle and the blade guard that came with it. Although these make the grinder safer to use, they make the tool too hard to maneuver for my purposes. I have no complaints so far with this grinder, and I’ve been using it regularly for almost a year. I’ve used it pretty hard as well.

Now for the attachments I use.

To start with, there is the basic heavy duty grinding wheel. It removes a lot of material relatively quickly:


But what if you want to remove less material for finer grinding and polishing? For this, I use a sanding pad disk. This actually has lasted longer than I anticipated it would. It is perfect for cautiously removing material from a project:


Next, I’ve become a huge fan of the simple cutting disk:


This one is quite a bit used, so it’s naturally smaller than a new one. I love these disks because they are so flexible. They also cut faster as opposed to a crosscut saw.

Next, I have a twisted wire brush attachment:


This one bears a bit of explanation. When I first started, , I bought one of these for polishing and cleaning up metal:


It didn’t last very long at all (especially considering the price I paid for it!). Here is what it looked like after a short time of use:


After this, I bought the twisted wire one pictured first. It has done an excellent job! It cleans up dirty steel very quickly.


So anyway, that’s the basic set-up! With these few attachments, the grinder becomes one of the most important and versatile pieces of equipment in the shop. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and ask!

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